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We put together this mock exam based on the the November 2020 Scrum Guide to help you practice for the real thing.

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CSM Exam Structure

The exam is set by the Scrum alliance and consistently reviewed to ensure it meets the current framework to ensure those who qualify can effectively perform the role of Scrum Master in their organisation.

  • The CSM Test is online, open book and set by the Scrum Alliance and taken via the Scrum Alliance Exam Portal

  • It is time boxed to 60 minutes, there are 50 multiple choice questions and the pass rate is 37 out of 50

  • To be certified as a Scrum Master you must pass the online test within 90 days of the end of the course.

  • You will be informed of your test result immediately at the end of the exam

  • You have two opportunities to pass the test

  • Not everyone will have the same questions, they are drawn from a pool of 150

Helping our students fulfil their potential

We've taken time to craft these questions to give you a feel for the actual question format you'll experience on the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Exam.

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Test Instructions

- 20 sample multiple choice questions

- You have 20 minutes to complete all the questions