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Sustainability Awareness - Why Now, Why It Matters

This course aims to cultivate a positive sustainability mindset among participants and empower them to integrate sustainability practices using the most current and updated approaches. The goal is to support organizations in achieving a stronger Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rating, ensuring long-term sustainability.

It is designed to inspire and encourage staff to proactively initiate actions that contribute to building cultures of responsible and ethical operations within their companies. New avenues and opportunities that may have otherwise remained unexplored can be opened by fostering such an enriched culture.

Through continuous training and education, this course equips the workforce with a deep understanding of the importance of sustainability. As a result, staff members will be able to recognize the benefits associated with sustainable practices and propose novel and cost-effective ways to operate with greater responsibility and ethics.

This course empowers participants to positively impact their organizations and contribute to a more sustainable future by nurturing a sustainability-focused mindset and providing the necessary knowledge and skills.

* This course is reserved for corporate training; you may attend the one-day Sustainability Skills for Manager with 70% funding.

This course is designed for all who need to gain knowledge on Sustainability

15+ Yrs Experienced Trainers


10000+ Professionals Enrolled


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Course Overview

The organization's journey towards achieving sustainability goals rests on the collective responsibility of every staff member. Equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge of industry best practices is paramount to fostering effective collaboration across departments and implementing appropriate strategies to meet sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Awareness: Why Now, Why It Matters is a vital training program for organizations undertaking sustainability transformation. By providing staff with a comprehensive understanding of the significance of sustainability and instilling a shared commitment to its importance, this training creates a ripple effect that integrates sustainability thinking into their day-to-day responsibilities.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability has emerged as a critical factor for long-term success. Organizations that embrace sustainable practices contribute to a healthier planet and enjoy numerous benefits, including enhanced brand reputation, increased stakeholder trust, and improved financial performance. As industries face mounting pressure to address environmental and social challenges, now is the opportune time to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainability initiatives. By investing in the Sustainability Awareness: Why Now, Why It Matters training, you are positioning your organization at the forefront of the sustainability movement, ready to seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and thrive in an increasingly conscious and competitive world. Don't wait until it's too late – take action now to empower your staff and secure a sustainable future for your organization.

A transformative learning experience that empowers individuals to cultivate a positive sustainability mindset and embrace sustainable practices in today's rapidly evolving world.

In this course, we delve into the crucial question of "Why Now?" by exploring the urgent need for sustainable practices in light of our pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges. We shed light on the current global trends and issues that make sustainability a critical priority for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Moreover, we address the pivotal question of "Why It Matters" by emphasizing the benefits and significance of sustainability in the business context. Through comprehensive and up-to-date practices, we demonstrate how integrating sustainability principles into daily operations can enhance an organization's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rating and foster long-term sustainability.

Our course aims to instill a deep understanding of sustainability, empowering learners to become catalysts for change within their organizations. By fostering a culture of responsibility and ethical operations, participants will be inspired to take proactive initiatives to develop sustainable practices.

Through engaging and interactive sessions, participants will explore the benefits of sustainable business operations, such as improved resource efficiency, cost savings, enhanced brand reputation, and increased stakeholder engagement. They will also gain insights into current best practices, innovative approaches, and practical strategies to integrate sustainability into their day-to-day activities.

Furthermore, this course aims to create a ripple effect within organizations, opening new channels for communication, collaboration, and idea-sharing. By equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to understand the importance of sustainability, we empower them to suggest new and cost-effective ways of operating more responsibly and ethically.

This course is designed for individuals from all backgrounds and industries who seek to gain comprehensive knowledge and insights into sustainability. Whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, or concerned citizen eager to make a positive impact, this course will provide the foundational understanding and inspiration to embark on your sustainability journey.

Join us on this enlightening and transformative learning experience as we explore the "Why Now, Why It Matters" of sustainability and equip ourselves with the tools to create a more sustainable and prosperous future.

​What's Special about the Sustainability Awareness Course:

Holistic Approach: Our Sustainability Awareness Course takes a holistic approach to sustainability beyond just environmental considerations. We explore the interconnectedness of ecological, social, and economic dimensions to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and its impact on organizations and society.

Updated Practices: The course is designed to incorporate the latest and most up-to-date practices in sustainability. We stay abreast of emerging trends, industry standards, and best practices to ensure participants receive the most relevant and practical knowledge.

Practical Application: We focus on practical and real-world examples to make sustainability concepts tangible and actionable. Through case studies, interactive exercises, and group discussions, participants will gain valuable insights and learn how to apply sustainability principles in their roles and organizations.

Engaging Learning Experience: Learning should be engaging and inspiring. Our course features dynamic and interactive sessions that encourage active participation and knowledge sharing. Participants can collaborate with peers, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Expert Facilitators: Our course is led by experienced sustainability practitioners and subject matter experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience. They will guide participants through the system, provide valuable insights, and facilitate meaningful discussions.

Networking Opportunities: Participants will have the chance to connect and network with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainability. The course is a platform for exchanging ideas, building relationships, and fostering collaborations with professionals from various industries.

Continuous Learning Resources: Upon completion of the course, participants will gain access to a range of valuable resources, including reference materials, articles, and tools to support their ongoing learning and application of sustainability practices. We are committed to helping our learners after the course concludes.

By enrolling in the Sustainability Awareness Course, participants can expect a unique and enriching learning experience that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to drive positive change in their organizations and contribute to a more sustainable future.

In the dynamic landscape of sustainability, understanding its significance and how it impacts your business is crucial. In this 1-day course, participants will gain valuable insights into sustainability, exploring its essence, relevance, and practical applications. By the end of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and the tools to contextualize its principles within your business operations. The learning outcomes include:

1. Understanding Sustainability: Gain a clear understanding of sustainability and why it is paramount in today's business environment. Explore the fundamental concepts and principles that underpin sustainability practices.

2. Standards and Frameworks: Discover the various standards and frameworks that guide sustainable practices across industries. You can explore recognized sustainability frameworks and understand how to align your organization with these standards to measure and manage sustainability performance effectively.

3. Navigating Regulations: Stay informed about the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability regulations and their impact on businesses. You can learn about the latest sustainability-related rules and explore the potential consequences of non-compliance.

4. Organizational Change and Process Optimization: Learn how to drive sustainable organizational change. Understand the key steps and strategies for organizing your company to integrate sustainability into your business processes. Explore best practices and frameworks for sustainability implementation and optimization.

5. Resource Considerations: Explore the resources required to support sustainability initiatives and develop strategies to allocate and manage these resources efficiently. Learn how to assess and optimize resource usage to enhance sustainability performance.

6. Overcoming Challenges: Identify organizations' common challenges when implementing sustainability practices and develop strategies to overcome them. Explore case studies and real-world examples to understand how organizations have successfully addressed sustainability challenges.

7. Competitive Advantage through Sustainability: Discover how sustainability practices can be leveraged for your organization's competitive advantage. Learn how to differentiate your business by integrating sustainability into your products, services, and overall brand identity.

8. Collaborative Learning: Engage in class discussions and interactive activities that promote peer learning and knowledge sharing—benefit from fellow participants' diverse experiences and perspectives, enriching your understanding of sustainability through collective insights.

9. Contextualization of Your Business: Apply the knowledge gained throughout the course to your specific business context. I'd like you to reflect on how your organization can tailor and implement sustainability principles through guided exercises and discussions to drive positive change.

By the end of this course, you will have developed a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate sustainable practices into your business operations. Embrace sustainability as a driver of your organization's innovation, resilience, and long-term success.

  1. Sustainability Awareness Certificate: Upon completion of the Sustainability Awareness training, you will receive a prestigious Sustainability Awareness certificate. This certificate is a testament to your up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

  2. Comprehensive Understanding of ESG: Through this course, you will develop a thorough understanding of what ESG entails and its significance for your organization. You will gain the knowledge and language to communicate ESG principles' relevance to various stakeholders effectively.

  3. Regulations and Initiatives: Explore essential laws and initiatives in ESG. Understand the regulatory landscape and learn how to navigate compliance requirements. Gain insights into the expectations of supervisors and regulatory bodies regarding establishing a sustainable organization.

  4. Tailored In-House Training: We offer the flexibility to develop customized training programs tailored to your organization's needs. Our expert trainers can enhance your staff's knowledge and skills, helping to improve your sustainability rating. For more information and to discuss your requirements, please email training@agileasia.com.

Participating in our Sustainability Awareness course will enhance your understanding of ESG and help you gain the necessary tools and insights to drive sustainability efforts within your organization. Our focus on practical application and tailored training solutions ensure you can effectively translate sustainability principles into actionable strategies, benefiting your organization and the broader community.

Course Name: Sustainability Awareness - Why Now, Why IT Matters

Course Fee: $700.00 + $56.00 (GST) = $756.00

Refreshments: Only Coffee & Tea

Date: 3rd May 2023

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Venue: 190 Clemenceau Ave, #06-01 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924

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Sustainability Awareness - Why Now, Why It Matters Curriculum

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Please Note:

  • This course is for corporate training

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Singapore Citizen Aged 40 and above
Course Fees $ 700.00
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 700.00
GST $ 56.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 756.00
Singapore Citizen Aged below 40 and All PRs
Course Fees $ 700.00
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Nett Fees $ 700.00
GST $ 56.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 756.00
Course Fees $ 700.00
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 700.00
GST $ 56.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 756.00

Please Note:

This course is designed for corporate training. Please send your inquiry to training@agileasia.com for quotation

All employees who are working in MNCs and SMEs organization that are supporting the Government Sustainability Goals.

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