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Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Training Course

​Our CSPO® course takes a comprehensive approach, providing you with the tools and skills needed to excel as a Product Owner within the Scrum framework. With a practical and immersive focus, this course offers a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience rapidly.

Designed to deliver tangible results, our CSPO® course equips you with real-world case studies and practical solutions directly applicable to your role. By delving into practical examples and scenarios, you'll gain valuable insights that would otherwise take years to achieve.

The demand for CSPO professionals is rising, with Fortune 500 companies seeking individuals with CSPO certification. By obtaining this prestigious credential, you position yourself for exciting career opportunities and demonstrate your expertise driving successful product development within Agile environments.

Accelerate your learning journey and become a sought-after CSPO professional. Join our course today and gain the skills and insights needed to thrive in the dynamic world of Agile product ownership.

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Applicable for *IBF Subsidy (up to 70%), Skillsfuture & UTAP*

For SSG Funding (up to 90% subsidy) - Click here

This course is certified by :

15+ Yrs Experienced Trainers


14153+ Professionals Enrolled


Upto 70% Subsidy



Certified Scrum Product Owner® Course Overview

​Embark on a lifelong journey of Agile transformation and unlock the power of Scrum with our Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) course. This immersive two-day training program will equip you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Scrum theory and practice. Taught by highly sought-after International Certified Scrum Trainers, this course promises a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Scrum, a simple yet powerful framework, lies at the heart of successful project management. It emphasizes teamwork, effective communication, and rapid adaptability across complex projects. By embracing Scrum, teams gain the autonomy to self-organize and swiftly implement changes in alignment with Agile principles.

Our CSPO course offers a robust curriculum with interactive scenarios, in-depth case study discussions, mini-project simulations, role plays, quizzes, and engaging games. Through these hands-on activities, you will delve into real-world challenges and acquire practical skills that can be immediately applied as a Product Owner.

Obtaining the prestigious Scrum Product Owner Certification is compelling evidence of your knowledge and competency in leading Agile teams. It validates your ability to drive successful product development, navigate evolving requirements, and maximize customer value.

Join us for our comprehensive CSPO course and empower yourself to unlock the full potential of Agile project management.

  • Premier Training Provider specializing in Agile Training, with up to 70% fees subsidy + UTAP claimable courses.
  • Trained > 10,000 participants locally for the past two years, conducted by Top Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers from the UK and Australia with > 15 years of hands-on experience in the Agile landscape. 
  • Fun and engaging activities-based learning, with lifelong online support for individual learners and transformation consultation sessions for corporate partners after course completion.

Discover an unmatched learning adventure that sets us apart, delivering a transformative experience you won't find anywhere else. Gain a competitive edge with our exceptional training, unmatched by any other provider in the market.

The variety of approaches that include in this training are:

Interactive Scenarios: Engage in interactive exercises replicating real-world Agile challenges, allowing you to practice applying Scrum principles in a supportive learning environment.

Case Study Discussions: Analyze and discuss real-life case studies, uncovering best practices and strategies for overcoming common obstacles encountered in Agile projects.

Mini-Project Simulations: Experience the end-to-end Scrum process by working on mini-projects, providing valuable hands-on practice, and fostering a deeper understanding of Agile project management.

Role Plays: Participate in role-playing exercises that simulate various roles within a Scrum team, enhancing your ability to collaborate, communicate, and resolve conflicts effectively.

Quizzes and Games: Test your knowledge through quizzes and engaging games designed to reinforce key concepts and principles, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective.

Our Certified Scrum course and training in Singapore enable you to stay relevant and productive in a dynamic and constantly evolving world.

Agile Product Owner Boot Camp — The Uncommon League

Upon completion of the Certified Scrum Product Owner training course, the students would be able to:

Expand career opportunities across all industry sectors by adopting Agile practices.

Understand why and how Agile fits perfectly into a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous(VUCA) environment.

Understand the principles underlying Agile development and how to apply them in a team context.

Discover how documentation, governance, and reporting differ between a traditional and Agile way of working.

Understand and Appreciate the ScrumMaster role as Facilitator, Change Agent, and a Transformation catalyst

Practice Scrum Product Owner services offered to Scrum Master, Development Team, and to Organisation and understand the challenges and best practices along the way

Practice application of Scrum theory and practice via a goal-orientated simulated project

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) - NextUp Solutions

  • Expand your career opportunities across all industry sectors by adopting Agile practices
  • Demonstrate your attainment of core Scrum knowledge
  • Learn the foundation of Scrum ad the scope of the role
  • Engage with Scrum practitioners committed to continuous improvement 

In addition to fulfilling the role of Scrum Product Owner, your CSPO certification gives you a two-year membership with Scrum Alliance®. Join local user groups and online social networks, gain access to deep discounts on Gatherings, and more.

The demand for CSPO professionals continues to increase and Fortune 500 companies are continually hiring CSPO professionals.

CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner | Crisp



Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Training Course Curriculum

Upcoming Course Schedules & Details






Jul-03 - Jul-04
(Duration: 14 hrs)

8.00 am to 4.00 pm

$780.00 to $2180.00

Stuart Mitchell

Stuart Mitchell

Please Note:

  • Our classes are all live online classes that are conducted virtually
  • Participants in this virtual class conducted via Zoom are expected to have their internet-enabled computing devices (such as laptops or tablets) with power chargers readily available to access and download course materials. No physical copies of the course materials will be distributed.

Funding Eligibility

This program has been certified under the IBF Standards and is qualified for subsidizing under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all qualification criteria being met.

For all courses commencing after 01st Jan 2023:

Singapore Citizen Aged 40 and above
Course Fees $ 2000.00
Funding 70 %
Nett Fees $ 600.00
GST $ 180.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 780.00
Singapore Citizen Aged below 40 and All PRs
Course Fees $ 2000.00
Funding 50 %
Nett Fees $ 1000.00
GST $ 180.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 1180.00
Course Fees $ 2000.00
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 2000.00
GST $ 180.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 2180.00

Please Note:

For all courses commencing after 01st Jan 2023:

Self-Sponsored Category (in the Finance and Banking Industries) 

  • Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above – 70% Subsidy  + 100% GST
  • Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and below – 50% Subsidy  + 100% GST
  • Singapore Permanent Residents – 50% Subsidy  + 100% GST

Company-Sponsored Category (in the Finance and Banking Industries) 

  • Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above – 70% Subsidy + 100% GST
  • Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and below – 50% Subsidy + 100% GST
  • Singapore Permanent Residents – 50% Subsidy + 100% GST
  • HR needs to create a company account, register, and payment for the participants


For Individuals and Companies NOT in the Finance and Banking Industries

  • Full payment - 100% Course Fees + 100% GST


For the latest IBF subsidy scheme, please refer to IBF website https://www.ibf.org.sg/programmes/Pages/IBF-STS.aspx

- To qualify for the funding, a trainee MUST successfully complete the course (including achieving at least 75% attendance and passing all assessments)

- NTUC Members can enjoy up to 50% funding (capped at $500 per year) under the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)

  • 2-day interactive instructor-led training
  • The soft copy of the course material
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance
  • 14  PDUs and 16 SEUs

Anyone interested in learning more about the product owner role can take this course will boost your professional standing and prospects. 

But the course is ideal for:

  • Product managers
  • Business analysts
  • Line managers
  • Requirements engineers
  • UX designers
  • Project Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum team members

Follow the step by step process below to get the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®) credential:

  • Attend a 2-day CSPO course led by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs).
  • On successful completion of the course, CST will send your details to the Scrum Alliance.
  • You will receive an email from Scrum Alliance with login credentials.
  • Login to reset your credentials and accept the license agreement.
  • Download your CSPO Certification.
  • Maintain your CSPO certification by renewing for every 2-years.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner bags /Per annum


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