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User Experience Design Foundation Course

A UX designer will consider the Why, What and How of product use. The Why involves the users’ motivations for adopting a product, whether they relate to a task they wish to perform with it, or to values and views associated with the ownership and use of the product. The “What” addresses the things people can do with a product—its functionality. Finally, How relates to the design of functionality in an accessible and aesthetically pleasant way. UX designers start with the Why before determining the What and then, finally, the How in order to create products that users can form meaningful experiences with. In software designs, designers must ensure the product’s “substance” comes through an existing device and offers a seamless, fluid experience.
This training is delivered by :

15+ Yrs Experienced Trainers

10000+ Professionals Enrolled

Upto 95% Subsidy


User Experience Design Foundation Course Overview

From industries such as consumer products to airlines, a great experience can retain loyal customers and make them your biggest advocates. However, the reverse is also true, poor experiences can quickly drive customers away. Building great user experiences is not a ‘mysterious art’; by applying user-centered design principles, any organization can identify customer pain points and create delightful products and services for its users. This UX Foundation course focuses on the principles needed to design good user experience in digital applications. It will cover the UX process and its integration into software development cycles as well as UX best practices. Students will also be given hands-on exposure to the UX life-cycle with an exercise to design, test and iteratively enhance a digital application.

  1. Facilitated interactive scenarios and case study discussions by expert instructors who have years of experience in the industry across the globe

  2. Experiential learning through mini-project simulations

  3. Candidates can help businesses better identify, understand, and address the problems that plague businesses and their customers by learning through hands-on sessions

Our User Experience And Design course and training in Singapore enables you to stay relevant and productive in a dynamic and constantly evolving world.

On completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand why UX matters and how organizations are using it to create products

  • Understand frameworks and principles that make up a good user experience

  • Understand how to prototype, test and iteratively enhance a digital product

  • Enhances the usability of the system and hence making it more ideal for customers

  • Reduces development costs, maintenance costs, redesign costs, diminishes support costs, and documentation costs

  • Enhances user satisfaction, trust in the system, and also improves referrals for your business

  • Leads to faster development and improves career profitability

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Funding Eligibility

CITREP+ supports local professionals in keeping pace with technology shifts through continuous and proactive training.

Participants are eligible for course subsidies under the CITREP+ framework. Subsidies range from 70% to 100% depending on which tier you fall under.

Singapore citizens and PRs who are working professionals will be eligible for up to 70-90% subsidy of the course fee and Singapore citizens who are students will be eligible for up to 100% subsidy of the course fee.

Terms and conditions apply. Please visit www.imtalent.sg/citrep for full details.

Course Fees $ 2500
Funding 95 %
Nett Fees $ 125.00
GST $ 8.75
Nett Fees + GST $ 133.75
Course Fees $ 2500
Funding 95 %
Nett Fees $ 125.00
GST $ 8.75
Nett Fees + GST $ 133.75
Course Fees $ 2500
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 0
GST $ 175.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 2675

Please Note:

CITREP+ is a programme under the TechSkillsAccelerator (TeSA) – an initiative of SkillsFuture, driven by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and in partnership with strategic partners; Workforce Singapore (WSG) and SkillsFutureSingapore (SSG), as well as collaboration with industry partners and hiring employers. TeSA offers various programmes to support professionals to upgrade and acquire new infocomm technology (ICT) skills and domain knowledge that are in demand, and to stay competitive and meet the challenges of a fast-moving digital landscape.

For more information, you can visit the IMDA website here for more information.

  • 3-day highly interactive instructor-led training
  • The hard copy of the course material
  • Refreshments throughout the day, morning and afternoon tea, and a gourmet buffet lunch.

The course is ideal for:

  • Creative professionals such as graphic, print or visual designers who are seeking to make the transition into digital UX design
  • Technical professionals who want to understand how to make their digital products and services more user-friendly and to gain a better understanding of the UX design process
  • Executives or start-up founders who need to understand the basics of UX design and understand its impact on creating differentiated digital products and services

  • Register for our UX Design Foundation course
  • Attend training from our industry experts
  • Learn new skills and advance your knowledge
  • Receive an official certificate upon successful completion of the course

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