Silver Lining for Agile Professionals

As the world prepares itself for the fourth industrial revolution, many industries are scraped out, and millions are going to lose their jobs. But in contrast, some situations are going to be in higher demand after the revolution. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted that scrum related jobs would dominate the future market as the requirements for it are significantly increasing. VersionOne’s 2016 State of Agile Development has come out with the data after a survey that out of the total numbers of teams surveyed, 58% of them have voted positive for approaching a pure scrum-based approach for Agile development. And the numbers significantly increases to 75%, when hybrid of the scrum was used, as in the scrum with other software like the kanban was used for Agile development.

A recent data shared by the World Economic Forum reveals nine emerging jobs that are going to be in high demand concerning product development. Out of those nine jobs, three of them were scum related. Those being the Scrum Master, Agile coach, and Product owner. The WEF consequently emphasizes people who have lost their job to learn new skills related to Scrum and Agile in order to be a subsequent candidate for Scrum associated jobs. The reason for Scrum emerging as the most demanding job is because of the tangible and incredible impact it gives the world. The growth of the organization depends on the methods they used to process. Scrum has proved to be a software that would teach innovation, empowerment, and growth to the individual, teams, and organization.

If you are thinking about why these jobs are gaining market value, you should understand the process carried out by using Scrum software. When the scrum technique is used to develop a product in the Agile approach, the team needs to have a Scrum Master to monitor the framework and guide the team members for the success of the product development. Now, you would understand the importance and growing demand why the Scrum Master is essential. Also, the Linkedin Most promising jobs 2017, places Scrum Master in #10 position out of 20 most promising careers.

The role of the Product Owner also becomes an integral part of software development. As you would know, his/her job description states that they are the voice of the client, helping them work with the external and internal customers to analyze the needs and align the product to meet their needs. Their role would also subject them to solve product-related problems, asses value, make decisions, collaborate with stakeholders, help the client understand the business model, its value and value proposition, and many other crucial tasks. Hence, the WEF classifies the product owner as of the #1 Emerging Jobs out of 10. The product owner would be the connecting link and the key to success for any team processing and aiming to create the product through the software.

Since the last financial crisis of 2007-08, significant sectors saw a gloom in the industry, but the technology sector was abundantly benefitted. A similar scenario is noted as of today, and the technology sector would dominate the market. With the rise of the tech market, the number of people working under the umbrella would increase, and people would need technology consultants and experts to guide the people new in the market. A majority of the market uses the Agile to process its products, and these companies would require the trained experts to guide their new employees to use the platform. So, the need for an Agile Coach becomes inevitable. According to PayScale, an Agile Coach earns an average of $120k per annum. If you decide to become a full-time Agile Coach, the pay may go up to USD 200k annually with a 25% annual bonus.

Thus sticking to your old skillset and expecting jobs out of it would be havoc, the new requirement is certainly to upgrade your skills and match with the condition of the present scenario and adapt to the market as soon as possible. Becoming the Scrum Master requires a depth and understanding of the organization’s software delivery process, building a relationship with the team members, and clearly outlining their requirements to make the product. Have a rapport even with the outside world, understanding client needs, willingness to take your product to the market. It would be best if you envisioned a clear goal for your product, deal with obstacles on the way, and clear it to your team members for efficient development.

If you are already a tester, designer, developer, project manager, or business analyst who enjoys interacting with other organizations, then becoming a Scrum Master would be less challenging, and you would like to pursue your career. Thus, times are changing, and it is time for you to change as well, look around for opportunities, and keep upgrading your skills as the world we knew would be different altogether.

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