Tips to Pass the Certified Scrum Master Exam

The certified Scrum Master exam is the foundational level exam of the Scrum Alliance. It is specially designed for individuals to gain scrum knowledge and process management tactics and become a successful Scrum practitioner. The topmost priority of the Scrum Master is to clear all the obstacles and value the scrum practices of the team to keep them bounded as a unit.

But the question is, why is the Certified Scrum Master certification important?

Individuals with CSM certificate have better opportunities of getting a successful job with good earnings who wish to develop skills in Agile and Scrum practices. The person who completed their CSM training and passed the certification exam has better skills of the Scrum terminologies, principles, and practices.

The Certified Scrum Master exam is the introductory level examination of Scrum. One can clear the exam easily compared to all other Scrum certifications by going through the in-depth training and with the right guidance.

How many marks do you need to gain to pass the certification exam?

In the Certified Scrum Master exam, you will have 50 multiple choice-based questions. You need to gain 74% marks in the test or above to pass this exam which means you need to answer 37 questions correctly. Once you achieve the Scrum certificate, then you don’t need to have a new one or renew it for at least two years.

How to pass a Certified Scrum Master(CSM) exam?

To get the answer to this question, here are some tips on passing the Certified Scrum Master exam and achieving the certificate.

Best Tips to Pass the Certified Scrum Master Exam

Several candidates attend a CSM workshop to pass the CSM exam. You have to keep some points into consideration while preparing for it.
Think of it that you will only have 48 hours to accomplish your goals. And in that, either you win or lose. It depends upon how much prepared you are for the exam.

So, hold your breath and work on these tips on how to pass a certified Scrum Master exam.

The Essential Multiple-Choice Question Tips

  • For passing the certified Scrum Master exam, you need to have the best knowledge of the Scrum subjects such as Scrum Guide and Scrum Alliance learning objectives. After that, you need to attend a 2-day Certified Scrum Master class and read the notes thoroughly.
  • Take a deep context of the Scrum guide and know every vital aspect of the concept. And this is also the primary source of the answers to the Scrum assessment.
  • Make sure to go through the guide thoroughly and get to learn the quick definitions and the key terms. The questions that are in the exam come directly from this Scrum guide. So, make sure to memorize all the words of the Scrum guide. Active learning will help you in analyzing these in better ways.
  • The next tip on to pass a Certified Scrum Master exam is to be ensured about the basics of the Scrum guide. This is because the majority of questions come from this part. And to gain command on these questions, you need to read the last sentence of the multiple-choice questions thoroughly first. From here, you will get the whole information that you are looking for and you will reduce the chances of getting distracted by the tricky words.
  • Try to answer the question by looking into the choices available. When you attend the CSM training program, then don’t need to worry, you have studied the Scrum guide. You will find the solution easily.
  • The next best tip is to eliminate all the wrong answers, if possible. When you have multiple-choice questions, this is obvious to have three wrong answers and one right. So, it’s good to eliminate the wrong first as it will improve the chances of getting the right answer.
  • When you are all set to move ahead for the examination, then pay some attention to answer the question which has not. For instance, which one of these is not the essential characteristic of Scrum? And here, many people forget to look after the Never and Always word and click on the wrong answer. This is a widespread mistake that is made by almost every candidate. Thus, always pay attention to the keywords keenly before attempting any question.
  • Also, be careful while answering those questions in which you have to select the multiple answers. And here, people forget to pay attention to this and click on the wrong answer. All the multiple questions have the checkbox in front of the answer. You need to pay attention and double-check before clicking to the box. It’s good to pay some attention for a few minutes at multiple-choice questions rather than clicking on the wrong answer.
  • Before clicking, review the answer first prior submission of the answer.

Some Additional Specific CSM Test Tips

  • You can use the online class of the Scrum Guide.
  • Also, take the Scrum Master Practice Exam from professional training providers. This is a part of the Scrum Alliance designing team that helps in setting the learning objectives of this certificate course.
  • Last but not least, there are some questions left that need a deep understanding of the concept of the Scrum exam, the development teams, and self-organizations. And for this, we will recommend having test modules.

Final Thoughts

These are the sure-shot tips on how to pass the certified Scrum exam. If you need to score good and pass this test, you need to build a strong strategy and learn all the essential concepts of Scrum guide and get in-depth knowledge of it. If you follow all the guidelines and tips mentioned above, then you will surely be able to crack the exam in a single attempt.

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