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Agile goes mainstream

“This year’s report sees an explosive increase in Agile adoption across the functions of the enterprise. Since the first report 15 years ago, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of organizations adopting agile practices and processes, both inside Development and within non-IT groups including Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing.”

-15th State of Agile Survey Report-

As a strategic business partner to help organisations develop core skills to implement Agile practices; we have been delivering workshop courses which enable professionals and teams to thrive in today’s complex business environment. In our approach to collaborate and deliver value; we aspire to be a resourceful gateway to connect Agile Talents with Organisations as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2022, AgileAsia cordially invites your organisation to join us and participate in our Job Matching Initiative to scale your Business Agility.

How it works?

There are more than 10,888 graduands from AgileAsia’s suite of Agile workshop courses till date. Of which, there are professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Project Management, Software Development, Information Technology, Business Development, Marketing, Human Resource etc. They shall be informed of our Job Matching Portal where Organisations are granted access to list Talent Opportunities within.

If you are in sought for Agile roles such as Scrum MastersProduct Owners, Developers, SAFe Practitioners etc.; this is where you can be connected with our Talents for FREE!

There is NO fees and obligations involved. Our graduands are free to apply for your Talent Opportunities DIRECTLY! Organisations are invited to leave relevant contact details to enable access to our graduands in support Employment Application(s).

Reach out to us at or 67978801.

Follow us on telegram for the latest job opportunities!

AgileAsia shall not collect personal information of any form for any use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I restricted or obligated to hire from AgileAsia’s Job Matching Initiative?
Organisations are not restricted or obligated to hire from AgileAsia’s Job Matching Initiative. They shall have full discretion to offer employment based on applicants’ skills & competencies, experience, merits etc.
2. Is there a limit to the number of Talent Opportunities within the Job Portal?
There is no limit to the number of Talent Opportunities which an Organisation can post. However, Talent Opportunities shall be removed once the selected validity expires.
3. Do I have to inform AgileAsia of any successful hires?
It is not mandatory for your organisation to share successful hires. Nonetheless, we appreciate and love to have feedback on your Job Matching Initiative experience. Stay connected with us!
4. Do we charge a fee to our Graduands in participation of the Job Matching initiative?
There is no cost involved. Both our Graduands and Organisations are invited for FREE participation. Our Objective is to connect Agile Talents with Organisations as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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