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Innovation & Design

Innovation enables problem-solving and is important for everyone, including managers in small scale or large scale enterprises. Design Thinking enables you to develop practical solutions for problems. Our innovation and design courses focus on instilling innovation and designing skills for both individuals and organizations. The main aim of these courses is to help individuals design products and services better. Through these courses, you will get a strong knowledge of innovation and designing and you will be able to implement it in your workplace. Our expert trainers give a lot of practical examples, case studies, materials that will help you further drive into your career.

Innovation and Design Courses and Certifications

Learning Innovation and Design give you an edge in developing a robust career. Courses teaching you Innovation and Design Foundations will put you at the frontline of organizations working in the 21st century. Theanthropy offers professional certifications that are most sought after in Innovation and Designing. These certifications include Design Thinking, Design Sprint, User Experience Design, and others.

Benefits of taking Innovation and Design Courses

Some of the most popular companies such as Google, Apple, Toyota, General Electric, and Samsung are constantly innovating because of their design thinking culture. When performed accurately, this results in proper execution and delivery of every aspect of the product and service.

There are numerous career opportunities that rely heavily on Innovation and Design. Positions such as User Research, Usability Analyst, Information Architect, Interactive Designer, Visual Designer, UX Designer, Design Researcher, Research Analyst, Program/Project Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Designer, Design Strategist are just a few of many.

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Benefits of taking Innovation & Design

  • Numerous career opportunities that rely heavily on Innovation and Design