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Design Thinking and Innovation for Business Course

Modern businesses not only thrive but survive on innovation. In this program, learn how design thinking and creativity can be used to drive innovation.
This course is certified by :

15+ Yrs Experienced Trainers

10000+ Professionals Enrolled

Upto 95% Subsidy


Design Thinking and Innovation for Business Course Overview

Innovation is not just for engineers anymore, it matters to everyone, including managers in small or large organizations, start-up entrepreneurs, government employees, teachers, scientists, and others.This course is designed to influence how individuals and organizations look at creativity. The course will use proven techniques to infuse creativity and instill design thinking skills amongst the course participants. These skills can be used to identify and choose opportunities that enable innovation. We will discuss how creative problem-solving skills are developed and enhanced through a range of real-world activities.

At every level in all kinds of organizations, design thinking provides the template you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that are there – you’re just not seeing them yet. We will also go through several organizational case studies that used design thinking to uncover compelling solutions for their customers.

  • Understand how design thinking helps business to solve complex problems
  • Understand how companies can develop a culture of innovation
  • Understand the process and tools of design thinking

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For eligible company sponsored participants, please send details to training@agileasia.com for registration as the Invoice will be issued under company name. Participants may make payment using this Invoice and receipt issued for reimbursement.






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Please Note:

  • All classes are virtual
  • Inclusive of GST

Funding Eligiblity

This program has been certified under the IBF Standards and is qualified for subsidizing under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all qualification criteria being met.

Singapore Citizen
Course Fees $ 1900
Funding 95 %
Nett Fees $ 95.00
GST $ 6.65
Nett Fees + GST $ 101.65
Singapore Permanent Resident
Course Fees $ 1900
Funding 95 %
Nett Fees $ 95.00
GST $ 6.65
Nett Fees + GST $ 101.65
Non Singapore Citizen
Course Fees $ 1900
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 0
GST $ 133.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 2033.00

Please Note:

For all courses commencing after 1st January 2021 and before 1st July 2021:

Self-Sponsored Category

95% subsidy for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Participants need to pay 5% + GST to attend the training

Company-Sponsored Category

For companies in the Finance and Banking Industries

  • 95% subsidy for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • $15 / hr Training Allowance Grant (TAG)
  • Companies need to make payment for the participants and submit claims for the TAG

For companies NOT in the Finance and Banking Industries

  • Companies made payment for the participants - 100% Course Fees + GST
  • No Training Allowance Grant (TAG)

Managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers and anyone interested in taking a shot at innovation should attend this course.

At the end of the course, you can request for a free advisory service on either career or organisation improvements. The duration of the advisory service will be conducted by the Course Manager and will be capped at 1 hour for an individual and 3 hours for an organisation, with a validity period 3 months from the course completion date.

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