CSM Online Training Checklist

Read this before you attend your 2-days CSM Online Training Program 

Congratulations on taking Scrum Alliance – Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Course

Three things that you shouldn’t miss out!

To facilitate a glitch-free learning and transfer process you must adopt the following measures at least a day before the training program starts.


Step 1 : 

Download Zoom

We use ZOOM to connect throughout this course.

Download ZOOM on the device for the training course – Ensure your CAMERA, MICROPHONE and SPEAKER are all working properly.

Download It Here!

Step 2 :

SignUp For Mural

We will be using this fantastic online facilitation tool so that you can collaborate in teams. 

Sign up MURAL using the same email you used to register for this training.

SignUp Here!

Step 3 : 

Join Whats App Group

We use what’s app to share the course materials and communicate with you.

Join the WhatsApp group through the link or the QR Code received via email to receive updates, flip charts, and for communication purposes.

In order to benefit most out of the training and avoid delays you make sure that you have set up all the above 3, 1-day prior to the class.


The course does not expect substantial advance knowledge about  Scrum. That said, the learning experience will be improved if you have a grasp of some basics. The suggested pre-course reading / videos are


Scrum Guide (see attached PDF) – Read the first 6 pages (p3-p9) approx. time 20min – YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID


The Scrum Alliance  – Intro To Scrum


A class WhatsApp group has been created just for this training class and it’s important that you join the group as soon as you can.  The WhatsApp group will be used to keep you up to date before the start of training, and we will use it to distribute additional material and links to great resources throughout the 2 days.  It’s easy, see the QR code on this page (use your phone camera to and you will  automatically join)

During The Training

This training will be over 2 days and will be purely on-line, it will also make you think, be informative and fun!
1. Connect to the Zoom seminar a little early so we can start on time.
2. Video/cam will have to be enabled’s a requirement set by the Scrum Alliance that we see you participating

Timing- The course will start each day at 8:30 AM and we aim to end each day at 4:30 PM

1. Fun and Breaks

To optimize your concentration we take frequent breaks. Avoid social media while learning, you are free to get online during the regular breaks.

2. Activities

This is a highly interactive, collaborative and teamwork-based training course.  You will be working in groups via Zoom breakout rooms, and in Mural collaborative spaces.

3. Lunch Break

Refreshments throughout the day, morning and afternoon tea, and a gourmet buffet lunch.

4. Assessment

This is the time to show us what you have learned and understand from our sharing and transferring of our knowledge about Scrum. Bring it on.


IBF Assessment and eFeedback – Trainer will send you an email on the last day of your course to request you to take an online assessment and course feedback, as part of the IBF course fees subsidy requirement. It is mandatory to keep your camera on while taking the assessment.

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