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Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

Exclusively designed for those who are already certified as Scrum Product Owners, the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) training represents the next stage for professionals with a solid grounding in Agile and Scrum principles. This course is tailored to empower you to establish stronger connections with stakeholders and your Agile team, ensuring that you collaboratively develop products that resonate with and gain approval from your customers.

The A-CSPO Certification training is an opportunity for professionals to focus on enhancing their existing skills and equipping themselves with the expertise needed to drive positive change within their organization's Agile environment. Through this advanced training, you will deepen your understanding of product backlog management, refine your product visioning techniques, and learn to navigate complex stakeholder dynamics, positioning you to lead your team to new heights of success.

This virtual class is conducted using Zoom.
This course is offered in partnership with SUTD with a subsidy of up to 90%.

15+ Yrs Experienced Trainers


10000+ Professionals Enrolled


Upto 1% Subsidy



Course Overview

The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) training is designed for professionals with a foundational understanding of Agile and Scrum principles who are ready to elevate their expertise. Building on your existing experience as a Scrum Product Owner, this course enhances your ability to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and Agile teams to deliver products that meet customer expectations. Participants will gain advanced skills in areas such as product backlog management, stakeholder engagement, and product visioning, empowering them to address challenges such as conflicting stakeholder interests, prioritization issues, and maintaining a clear product vision.

This comprehensive course deepens your understanding of advanced product ownership, strategic visioning, and effective communication within Agile environments. You will learn to implement Agile and Scrum practices at a higher level, ensuring alignment across multiple teams and fostering increased engagement, accountability, and productivity. The A-CSPO certification training equips professionals with the expertise needed to drive continuous improvement and success in product development, transforming your organization's approach to delivering high-value products.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is a distinctive institution that focuses on integrating design and technology education. The university places a strong emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and hands-on learning experiences. With a commitment to producing well-rounded graduates who can address real-world challenges, SUTD stands at the forefront of cutting-edge research and education in design, engineering, and technology.

SUTD will award learners who have completed the Certified Advanced Scrum Master, Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner, and Certified Agile Skills - Scaling 1 with a Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner. (Sample Certificate)

Are you inspired to become a recognized Agile Practitioner? If so, the prestigious Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner, awarded by SUTD, will provide you with a competitive edge, solidifying your status as a professional Agile practitioner.

Pending Approval

By the end of this course, participants will

  • Deepen their product ownership skills: Gain advanced techniques for managing the product backlog and collaborating effectively with stakeholders to ensure clarity and alignment.
  • Enhance their Agile leadership abilities: Develop the skills to empower and inspire Agile teams, fostering an environment of innovation and value-driven development.
  • Optimize value delivery: Learn advanced prioritization methods and data-driven decision-making strategies to maximize product value and efficiency.
  • Facilitate effective stakeholder engagement: Master the art of engaging and aligning stakeholders with business objectives, ensuring their needs and expectations are met.
  • Lead Agile practices: Acquire the expertise to drive continuous improvement within your teams, applying Agile principles and practices to achieve successful product delivery.
  • Implement strategic visioning: Refine your ability to create and communicate a compelling product vision that guides and motivates your team.
  • Navigate complex project dynamics: Equip yourself with the skills to manage complex project challenges, such as conflicting stakeholder interests and changing market conditions.
  • Promote accountability and commitment: Foster a culture of accountability and commitment within your Agile teams, ensuring everyone is aligned towards common goals.

By integrating these advanced practices, participants will be positioned to lead their organizations toward greater agility, efficiency, and success in product development.

Earning the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) certification offers numerous benefits for professionals and organizations alike:

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities: With an advanced certification, you distinguish yourself in the job market, making you more competitive for higher-level positions in Agile environments across various industries.
  • Deepened Agile Expertise: The A-CSPO certification equips you with a deeper understanding of Scrum and Agile methodologies, enabling you to handle complex product ownership responsibilities and drive continuous improvement effectively.
  • Improved Leadership Skills: Gain advanced skills in leadership, stakeholder management, and team empowerment. These will allow you to lead and mentor Agile teams more successfully, fostering a collaborative and high-performing work environment.
  • Increased Organizational Impact: Apply advanced Scrum practices to enhance product development processes, stakeholder engagement, and alignment with business objectives, leading to higher-quality deliverables and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Develop a refined ability to prioritize work, make data-driven decisions, and navigate uncertainties, ensuring that your product development efforts are focused on delivering maximum value.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Collaboration: Master the art of engaging and aligning stakeholders, ensuring their needs are met and expectations managed, which is crucial for successful product outcomes.
  • Optimized Product Management: Learn advanced techniques for managing product backlogs, visioning, and roadmapping, equipping you to manage products more effectively from conception to delivery.
  • Scaling Agile Practices: Learn techniques for scaling Agile practices across multiple teams and larger organizations, ensuring consistency and efficiency in product delivery.
  • Continuous Professional Development: Join a community of experienced Scrum professionals, gaining access to ongoing learning and networking opportunities that support your professional growth and Agile journey.
  • Agile Transformation Leadership: Equip yourself with the skills to lead Agile transformations within your organization, driving cultural and operational changes that support long-term success.

The A-CSPO certification not only enhances your skills and knowledge but also empowers you to make significant contributions to your organization’s Agile initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and high performance.

Q1:  How can I obtain the Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner?

To obtain the Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner, register and complete the mandatory Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM), Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO), and Certified Agile Skills - Scaling 1 (CAS)courses provided by SUTD. After obtaining the three certifications from Scrum Alliance, email SUTD, attaching your A-CSM, A-CSPO, and CAS (S1) certifications, along with the Certificate of Completion issued by SUTD. Following verification, SUTD will award you with the Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner. 

Q2:  If I possess one or both certifications from Scrum Alliance, can I attend the other course to obtain the Professional Certificate?

SUTD allows participants to take either the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner or Certified Agile Skills - Scaling one course to qualify for the Professional Certificate. Email SUTD your three Scrum Alliance certifications along with the Certificate of Completion issued by SUTD. Upon verification, SUTD will award you the Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner. 

Q3: If I have both the A-CSM and A-CSPO certifications from Scrum Alliance, how do I obtain the Professional Certificate issued by SUTD?

To receive the Professional Certificate issued by SUTD, participants must take Certified Agile Skills (Scaling 1) offered by SUTD. You must email SUTD your three Scrum Alliance certifications along with the Certificate of Completion issued by SUTD. Upon verification, SUTD will award you the Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner.

Q4: How do I register for the course?

To register for the course, click the "Enroll Now" button located on the right side of this page. This will redirect you to the SUTD course registration page. Select the intake dates and click the "Sign Up Now" button. Complete all required information on the registration page and click the "Submit" button. Once your registration is received, SUTD staff will promptly follow up to verify your personal information and provide you with an invoice for payment. 

Understanding the Agile Practitioner Role

An Agile Practitioner is a professional who embodies the principles and values of Agile methodologies to enhance project and product management. Agile Practitioners play a pivotal role in transforming traditional project management approaches into more adaptive, collaborative, and iterative processes. They facilitate continuous improvement, ensuring that teams are flexible and responsive to changing requirements and stakeholder needs.

Core Responsibilities

Implementing Agile Practices: Agile Practitioners introduce and uphold Agile practices such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, guiding teams in their application to ensure effective and efficient project delivery.

Coaching and Mentoring: They act as mentors and coaches to team members, helping them understand and adopt Agile principles and fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Facilitating Communication: Agile Practitioners ensure clear and open communication among team members, stakeholders, and customers, promoting transparency and alignment throughout the project lifecycle.

Removing Obstacles: They identify and address any impediments to the team's progress, ensuring that the team remains focused and productive.

Continuous Improvement: They drive initiatives for ongoing process improvement, using feedback loops and retrospectives to refine practices and enhance team performance.

Earning certifications such as the Professional Certificate in Agile Project & Product Practitioner can provide a structured path to gaining the necessary knowledge and skills. Such certifications demonstrate your proficiency and dedication to Agile practices, setting you apart in the job market and enhancing your career trajectory. Becoming an Agile Practitioner is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation, driven by a commitment to fostering agility, innovation, and excellence in project and product management.


Upcoming Course Schedules & Details






Aug-01 - Sep-30
(Duration: 2 Days)

9am to 5pm

$2725.00 to $2725.00

Suresh Konduru

Suresh Konduru

Please Note:

  • This course is for corporate training

Funding Eligibility


Singapore Citizen Aged 40 and above
Course Fees $ 2500.00
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 2500.00
GST $ 225.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 2725.00
Singapore Citizen Aged below 40 and All PRs
Course Fees $ 2500.00
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 2500.00
GST $ 225.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 2725.00
Course Fees $ 2500.00
Funding 0 %
Nett Fees $ 2500.00
GST $ 225.00
Nett Fees + GST $ 2725.00

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